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Manthilake Geeth

Chargé(e) de Recherche, CNRS
Équipe de Pétrologie
Chargé de Recherches
Bureau: 1.43 - LMV Cezeaux
Courriel :

Scientist-in-Charge  – The French National High-Pressure Research Platform
  • Thèmes de Recherche :

    Elastic and transport properties (sound wave velocity, electrical conductivity,  thermal diffusivity and rheology) of mantle minerals at high pressure and temperature

  • Publications :


    • Manthilake, G., Schiavi, F., Zhao, C., Mookherjee, M., Bouhifd, M.A., Jouffret, L., 2020.The electrical conductivity of liebermannite: Implications for water transport into the Earth’s lower mantle. Geophysical Research-Solid Earth. doi:10.1029/2020JB020094
    • Faure, P., Bouhifd, M.A., Boyet, M., Manthilake, G., Clesi, V., Devidal, J., 2020. Uranium and thorium partitioning in the bulk silicate Earth and the oxygen content of Earth’s core. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta. 275, 83-98. doi:10.1016/j.gca.2020.02.010
    • Xie, L., Yoneda, A., Yamazaki, D., Manthilake, G., Guignot, N., King, A., Scheel, M., Andrault, D., Higo, Y., Tange, Y., 2020. Formation of bridgmanite-enriched layer at the top lower-mantle during magma ocean solidification. Nat. Commun. 11, 1–10. doi:10.1038/s41467-019-14071-8



    • Manthilake, G., Chantel, J., Monteux, J., Andrault, D., Bouhifd, M.A., Casanova, N.B., Boulard, E., Guignot, N., King, A., Itie, J.P., 2019. Thermal conductivity of FeS and its implications for Mercury’s long sustaining magnetic field. J. Geophys. Res. E Planets. doi:10.1029/2019JE005979
    • Freitas, D., Manthilake, G., 2019. Electrical conductivity of hydrous silicate melts : Implications for the bottom-up hydration of Earth ’ s upper mantle. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 523, 115712. doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2019.115712
    • Gailler, L., Kauahikaua, J., Lénat, J., Revil, A., Gresse, M., Ahmed, A.S., Cluzel, N., Manthilake, G., Gurioli, L., Johnson, T., Finizola, A., Delcher, E., 2019. 3D electrical conductivity imaging of Halema‘uma‘u lava lake (Kīlauea volcano). J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res. doi:10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2019.06.001
    • Freitas, D., Manthilake, G., Chantel, J., Bouhifd, M.A., Andrault, D., 2019. Simultaneous measurements of electrical conductivity and seismic velocity of partially molten geological materials: Implications for melt fraction in the upper mantle. Phys. Chem. Miner. 46, 535-551


    • Maurice, J., N. Bolfan-Casanova, J. A. Padrón-Navarta, Manthilake, T. Hammouda, J. M. Hénot, and D. Andrault (2018), The stability of hydrous phases beyond antigorite breakdown for a magnetite-bearing natural serpentinite between 6.5 and 11 GPa, Contrib. to Mineral. Petrol., 173(10), 86
    • Clesi, V,  M. A. Bouhifd, N. B olfan-Casanova, Manthilake, F. Schiavi, C. Raepsaet,H. Bureau, H. Khodja, D. Andrault, 2018 Low hydrogen contents in the cores of terrestrial planets.Sci. Adv. 4, e1701876
    • Andrault, D., Pesce, G., Manthilake, G., Monteux, J., Bolfan-Casanova, N., Chantel, J., Novella, D., Guignot, N., King, A., Itié, J.-P., Hennet, L., 2018. Deep and persistent melt layer in the Archaean mantle. Nat. Geosci. 11, 139–143
    • Tennakoon, S., Peng, Y., Mookherjee, M., Speziale, S., Manthilake, G., Besara, T., et al. (2018). Single crystal elasticity of natural topaz at high-temperatures. Rep. 8, 1372. doi:10.1038/s41598-017-17856-3.


    • Freitas, D., Manthilake, G., Schiavi, F., Chantel, J., Bolfan-Casanova, N., Bouhifd, M.A., Andrault, D., 2017. Experimental evidence supporting a global melt layer at the base of the Earth’s upper mantle. Nat. Commun. 8, 2186. doi:10.1038/s41467-017-02275-9
    • Madugalla, N. S., A. Pitawala, and Manthilake G. (2017), Primary and secondary textures of dolomite in eppawala carbonatites, Sri Lanka: Implications for their petrogenetic history, J. Geosci., 62(3), 187–200
    • Andrault D, Bolfan-Casanova N, Bouhifd MA, Boujibar A, Garbarino G, Manthilake G, Mezouar M, Monteux J, Parisiadis P, Pesce G. (2017) Toward a coherent model for the melting behavior of the deep Earth’s mantle, Phys. Earth Planet. Interiors, 265, 67-81
    • Novella D, Dolejš D, Myhilla R, Pamatoa MG, Manthilake G, Frost DJ. (2017) Melting phase relations in the systems Mg2SiO4-H2O and MgSiO3-H2O and the formation of hydrous melts in the upper mantle. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 204, 68-82
    • Soustelle V, Manthilake G. (2017) Deformation of olivine-orthopyroxene aggregates at high pressure and temperature: implications for the seismic properties of the asthenosphere. Techtonophysics.694, 385-39
    • Fabbrizio A., Bouhifd M.A., Andrault D., Bolfan-Casanova N., Manthilake G. Laporte D. (2017) Argon solubility in H2O-CO2 bearing basaltic melts at upper mantle conditions. Chemical Geology.448,100-109
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    • Demouchy D, Thoraval C, Bolfan-Casanova N, Manthilake G (2016) Diffusivity of Hydrogen in Iron-Bearing Olivine at 3 GPa.  Phys. Earth Planet. Interiors, doi : 10.1016/j.pepi.2016.08.005
    • Clési V., Bouhifd M.A., Bolfan-Casanova N., Manthilake G., Fabbrizio A., Andrault D. (2016)  Effect of water on the metal-silicate partitioning of siderophile elements (Ni, Co, Cr, V, Mn and Fe). Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta , 192,97-121
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    • Manthilake G., Bolfan-Casanova N., Novella D., Mookherjee M., Andrault D. (2016). Dehydration of chlorite explains anomalously high electrical conductivity in the mantle wedges. Science Advances vol.2, p.e1501631, doi:10.1126/sciadv.1501631.
    • Chantel J., Manthilake G.M., Frost J, Beyer C., Ballaran T. B, Jing Z., Wang Y. (2016). Elastic wave velocities in polycrystalline Mg3Al2Si3O12-pyrope garnet to 24 GPa and 1300K. American Mineralogist doi:10.2138/am-2016-5335


    • Manthilake G , Mookherjee M, Bolfan-casanova N. & Andrault D (2015) Electrical conductivity of lawsonite and dehydrating fluids at high pressures and temperatures. doi:10.1002/2015GL064804.


    • Hammouda T, Chantel J, Manthilake G, Guignard J, Crichton W. (2014) Hot mantle geotherms stabilize calcic carbonatite magmas up to the surface, Geology, 42,911-914, doi:10.1130/G35778.1
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