Le Corvec Nicolas


Post-Doctorant, UCA-CLERVOLC
Équipe de Volcanologie
post-doc modélisation numérique
Bureau: 1.74 - LMV Cezeaux
Courriel : Nicolas.LE_CORVEC@uca.fr

My research focuses on the investigation of volcano-tectonic relationships in different type of volcanism, such as monogenetic basaltic volcanic fields, stratovolcanoes and basaltic shield volcanoes. I’m particularly interested in analyzing the interaction between magmatic activity and structural deformation occurring at these volcanic systems. My research uses a multifaceted approach to study volcanic and tectonic processes. I develop numerical and analogue models, informed by fieldwork campaigns to remote sensing analyses, to constrain the physical and structural mechanisms driving both volcanic and tectonic systems.
  • Thèmes de Recherche au LMV:

    Volcano observatories monitor volcanoes for signals that might indicate a forthcoming eruption. However, this requires accurate knowledge of the subsurface processes causing the signals observed and recorded at the surface. Ground-surface displacement measurements are a common volcano-monitoring tool, but the links between surface displacements and eruption remain enigmatic, and the ability to distinguish signals that will precede an eruption from those which will not is lacking. Much progress has been made in the interpretation of volcanic geodetic signals over the last decade.

    The use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) allows for more realistic models that incorporate viscoelastic effects, which in turn strongly influence whether a magma reservoir tends towards eruption or continued magma storage, through viscous accommodation of the growing reservoir in the host-rock. To date models have relied on steady-state temperature distributions to assign the viscosity distribution within the crust a priori. In reality, the subsurface temperature distribution is a function of the crust intrusive history, hence of both time and space. Consequently, the mechanical properties of the host-rock will also be altered, and this will have important impacts on the eruption or storage potential of a magma reservoir as well as the spatial and temporal distribution of associated surface deformation.

    Under the supervision of Thierry Menand, Valérie Cayol and Jean-Luc Froger, the goal of the project is a model framework that accounts for time-dependent thermal and mechanical properties resulting from repeated magmatic intrusions. This will allow for better quantification of the links between magma supply, surface displacements and eruption potential, and improved constraints on geodetic eruption precursors.

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    • Le Corvec N., Menand T., Froger J., Cayol V. (2017). Incremental growth of magma reservoirs: Insights on the room problem through the use of finite element models. IAVCEI Scientific Assembly, Portland, Oregon, USA, August 2017.
    • Le Corvec N., Menand T., Froger J., Cayol V. (2017). Incremental growth of magma reservoirs: Insights on the room problem through the use of finite element models. MDIS-Form@ter Workshop, Besse en Chandesse, Octobre 2017.


    Rang A :
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