Laumonier Mickael


Post-Doctorant, UCA-CLERVOLC
Équipe de Pétrologie
Bureau: 1.45 - LMV Cezeaux
Courriel :

  • Research Interests:

    Magmatic processes, internal Earth dynamics, physical and chemical properties of magmas, rheology, electrical conductivity, crust, mantle, partial melting, experimental petrology, in situ measurements

  • Publications LMV :

    Rang A :

    Rang B et C :

    Publications antérieures :

    10/ Laumonier, M., Farla, R., Frost, D. J., Katsura, T., Marquardt, K., Bouvier, A. S., & Baumgartner, L. P. (2017b). Experimental determination of melt interconnectivity and electrical conductivity in the upper mantle. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 463, 286-297.

    9/ Laumonier, M., Gaillard, F. Muir, D., Blundy, J., Unsworth, M. (2017a). Giant magmatic reservoirs at mid- crustal depth inferred from electrical conductivity and the growth of the continental crust. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 457, 173-180.

    8/ Laumonier, M., Gaillard, F., Sifré, D. (2015c). The Effect of Pressure and Water Concentration on the Electrical Conductivity of Dacitic Melts: Implication for Magnetotelluric Imaging in Subduction Areas. Chemical Geology 418, 66-76.

    7/ Moussallam, Y., Morizet, Y., Massuyeau, M., Laumonier, M., Gaillard, F. (2015b). CO2 Solubility in Kimberlite melts. Chemical Geology 418, 198-205.

    6/ Laumonier, M., Scaillet, B., Arbaret, L., Andújar, J., Champallier, R. (2015a). Experimental mixing of hydrous mafic-felsic crystal-bearing magmas: a microtextural and chemical analysis. Chemical Geology 418, 158-170.

    5/ Laumonier, M., Scaillet, B., Pichavant, M., Champallier, R., Andujar, J., Arbaret, L. (2014b). On the conditions of magma mixing and its bearing on andesite production in the crust. Nature Communications 5.

    4/ Laumonier, M., Scaillet, B., Arbaret, L., Champallier, R. (2014a). Experimental simulation of magma mixing at high pressure. Lithos 196-197, 281-300.

    3/ Yoshino, T., McIsaac, E., Laumonier, M. & Katsura, T. (2012). Electrical conductivity of partial molten carbonate peridotite. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 194-195, 1-9.

    2/ Laumonier, M., Arbaret, L., Burgisser, A. & Champallier, R. (2011). Porosity redistribution enhanced by strain localization in crystal-rich magmas. Geology 39, 715-718.

    1/ Yoshino, T., Laumonier, M., McIsaac, E. & Katsura, T. (2010). Electrical conductivity of basaltic and carbonatite melt-bearing peridotites at high pressures: Implications for melt distribution and melt fraction in the upper mantle. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 295, 593-602.

  • Teaching :

    Magmatic Petrology (2009-2012; 2017)

    Field (2009-2012)

    Supervision :

    Clémence Leroy: “Porosity and permeability of deformed crystal-bearing magmas” (2011)

    Lucie Labeye: “Magma permeability calculations” (2012)

    Mélissa Drignon: “Mineral fabrics in Santorini basaltic flow” (2012)

    Julien Delaunay: “Quantification of magma ascent rate” (2018)

    Clémence Le Lay: “Phosphorus as a tracer for olivine growth” (2018)


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