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Laubier Muriel

Assitant-Professor, Université Clermont Auvergne
Petrology team
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  • Research interests :

    • Geochemistry of primitive melt inclusions
    • Mantle redox
    • Mantle melting, primary melt transport and mixing
    • Trace element mineral/melt partitioning

    Scientific and administrative responsibilities :

    • Since 2018 : in charge of the Licence degree (head tutor of undergraduate studies) in the Earth science department
    • Reviewer for Contrib. Mineral. and Petrology, Journal of Petrology, Chemical Geology, Marine Geology
    • Reviewer for National Science Foundation, Division of Ocean Sciences (Etats-Unis)

    Analytical and technical methods  :

    Tools : experimental petrology (piston-cylinder, 1 atm gaz-mixing furnace, internally heated pressure vessel, melt inclusion heating stage), in-situ analysis (electron microprobe, SEM, LA-ICP-MS, SIMS, μXANES), geochemical modeling, petrography.

    Teaching activities:

    • Since 2013 : Institution : Earth Science Department, Université Clermont Auvergne, France

    Courses : Intro to geosciences – Magmatic and metamorphic petrology – Optical microscope – Scientific english – Professional project- Field trips.
    Level : Licence & Masters in Earth Sciences, Licence in Biology

    • 2009 ; 2012-2013 : Institution : Earth and Planetary Science Department, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

    Courses : The Fluid Earth, Oceans and Atmosphere – Natural disasters – Igneous Petrology.
    Level : Undergraduates

    Courses : Cartography – Optical microscope – Cristallography – Math-Computer software – Scientific reasoning – Field trips.
    Level : Licence Sciences de la Terre, Licence SVT

  • Publications :

    • Laubier, M., Grove, T.L., Langmuir, C.H.,Trace element mineral/melt partitioning for basaltic and basaltic andesitic melts: an experimental and Laser ICP-MS study with application to the oxidation state of mantle source regions, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 392, 265-278, 2014.
    • Gale, A., Laubier, M., Escrig, S., Langmuir, C.H., Constraints on Melting Processes and Plume-Ridge Interaction from Comprehensive Study of the FAMOUS and North Famous Segments, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 365, 209-220, 2013.
    • Laubier, M., Gale, A. & Langmuir, C.H., Melting and crustal processes at the FAMOUS segment (Mid-Atlantic ridge): new insights from olivine-hosted melt inclusions from multiple samples, Pet. 53, 665-692, 2012.
    • Le Voyer, M., Rose-Koga, E. F., Laubier, M. & Schiano, P., Petrogenesis of arc lavas from the Rucu Pichincha and Pan de Azucar volcanoes (Ecuadorian arc): Major, trace element, and boron isotope evidences from olivine-hosted melt inclusions, Geophys. Geosyst., 9, Q12027, 2008.
    • Laubier, M., Schiano, P., Doucelance, R., Ottolini, L. & Laporte, D., Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions and Melting Processes beneath the FAMOUS Zone (Mid-Atlantic Ridge), Chem. Geol., vol. 240, p. 129-150, 2007.
    • Rose-Koga E., Bouvier A., Gaetani G.A., Wallace P.J., Allison C.M., Andrys J.A., Angeles de la Torre C.A., Barth A., Bodnar R.J., Bracco Gartner A.J.J., Butters D., Castillejo A., Chilson-Parks B., Choudhary B.R., Cluzel N., Cole M., Cottrell E., Daly A., Danyushevsky L.V., DeVitre C.L., Drignon M.J., France L., Gaborieau M., Garcia M.O., Gatti E., Genske F.S., Hartley M.E., Hughes E.C., Iveson A.A., Johnson E.R., Jones M., Kagoshima T., Katzir Y., Kawaguchi M., Kawamoto T., Kelley K.A., Koornneef J.M., Kurz M.D., Laubier M., Layne G.D., Lerner A., Lin K.Y., Liu P.P., Lorenzo-Merino A., Luciani N., Magalhães N., Marschall H.R., Michael P.J., Monteleone B.D., Moore L.R., Moussallam Y., Muth M., Myers M.L., Narvaez D., Navon O., Newcombe M.E., Nichols A.R.L., Nielsen R.L., Pamukcu A., Plank T., Rasmussen D.J., Roberge J., Schiavi F., Schwartz D., Shimizu K., Shimizu K., Shimizu N., Thomas J.B., Thompson G.T., Tucker J.M., Ustunisik G., Waelkens C., Zhang Y., Zhou T. (2021). Silicate melt inclusions in the new millennium: A review of recommended practices for preparation, analysis, and data presentation. Chemical Geology vol.570, p.120145, - DOI:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2021.120145 - lien HAL .


    • Laubier M., Grove T.L., Langmuir C.H. (2014). Trace element mineral/melt partitioning for basaltic and basaltic andesitic melts: an experimental and Laser ICP-MS study with application to the oxidation state of mantle source regions. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 392, 265-278. - DOI:10.1016/j.epsl.2014.01.053.
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