image005image009image007image011INVOGE: International Geological Masters in Volcanology and Geotechniques is offered by Blaise Pascal (France), Milan-Bicocca (Italy), Michigan Technological and Buffalo Universities (US). Over 5 years a generous financial aid is provided through the ATLANTIS EU/US programme.

INVOGE provides students with an excellent broad-based international training in volcanology and geotechniques, and a rich cultural / linguistic foundation. The staff and student program answers a clear need for a new generation of internationally mobile personnel with volcanological and geotechnical expertise, to meet challenges of a fast developing field.

  • Concept:
    • The fusion of Masters courses of four complementary geological programs
    • Professional and Research opportunities
    • À la carte study program tailored to each persons requirements
    • To be competitive on the world job market
    • Not just a masters but a cultural and linguistic experience
  • Mobility: 1 year abroad with transatlantic experience and a visit to another EU country
  • Financial aid: 1000€ per month transatlantic mobility grant! Generous EU-ERSMUS complements! All grants can be held in combination with other financial sources.
  • Number of places: 12 fully funded places over 4 years, possibility of partial or self funded participation.
  • Duration: 2 years (Master 1 and Master 2)
  • Requirements: EU nationality, or 3 years in full time EU university. Suitable Licence level studies, acceptable English. Candidates should be ambitious and motivated.
  • How to apply: Initial direct communication to Benjamin van Wyk de Vries (email) , followed by electronic application to the INVOGE application site (form will be available end October 2009)
  • Fees: EU students, normal masters fees payable to UBP are applicable.
  • Initial website


NON-EU students can participate in the masters independent of the ATLANTIS program, and there are funding opportunities, depending on origin, nationality and personal choice.

Associated programs:

The International Master options in Earth Sciences at UBP are also available and provide similar mobility throughout Europe financed through ERAMSUS and other international programs (we have mobility options to Uppsala, Durham, Rekyavik, Dublin, Portsmouth, Leeds, Prague, as well as New Zealand, New Mexico).

European INVOGE Coordinator:

Benjamin van Wyk de Vries: Professeur of Volcanology
Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans,
Observatoire du Physique de Globe de Clermont, 5 rue Kessler, 63038 Clermont-Ferrand Cedex, France.
Tel : +33 (0)473346763 Click here to send email

INVOGE Partners:

Michigan Tech Univ Univ Blaise Pascal Univ at Buffalo Univ Milan Bicocca


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